Cabinet Refacing

Cabinet refacing with Holz Industries can bring a whole new look to your kitchen in a very short period of time. When you reface your kitchen, you keep the existing cabinet boxes but upgrade the doors, drawer fronts, exterior surfaces and hardware with a brand new colour and style.

Over time the appearance of kitchen cabinets will begin to wear down. When refinishing kitchen cabinets, the surface of the cabinets are sanded down and a new topcoat or finish is added to the cabinets, giving them that new cabinet shine. Cabinet finishing in Calgary can also be used as an opportunity to upgrade to a more modern look.

Kitchen cabinet refacing is a great opportunity to make some big style changes while not investing a lot of time or money in your project, especially when you compare it to installing all new cabinets.

Add some finishing touches such as mouldings and a brand new countertop. This way, you can rework an already adequate kitchen with a facelift with minimal interruption to your busy life. Many people turn to cabinet refacing when they’d like to update their kitchen, but don’t want to manage a total renovation.

Kitchen Cabinet Millwork

High-quality construction and finishing ensure that your kitchen cabinets are guaranteed to withstand the daily use and abuse that a typical family will put it through. Quality materials, solid construction, and durable finishes will ensure you the ultimate showroom style kitchen for your home. Whether moving into a new home or improving their current one, our customers want to create their ideal living spaces – it’s our goal to help them. This is why we offer both quality and versatility, classically made cabinets with trend-forward European styling designed to fit any budget.

Custom Commercial Millwork

From modern, minimalist style, to the restoration or reproduction of intricate, traditional millwork, we have the experience and skill to complete any project to meet the high expectations of our clients. The majority of our work is commercial millwork, for contractors that want to partner with a company that guarantees its work and ensures that the custom millwork portion of their project will go smoothly from start to finish.

Commercial millwork manufacturing and services with Holz. We create custom architectural casework for hospitals, care facilities, private offices, board rooms, car dealerships, government buildings, private schools, and restaurants. We also handle tenant improvements such as custom store fixtures. These are some of the many projects we complete for our clients, each with the same high level of care and attention to detail and on-time delivery.

Store Fixtures

We specialize in the design, manufacturing, finishing and installation of Store Fixtures. We service both the residential and commercial field. Every project that we produce is fully custom and created specifically for the client and the space it’s designed for.

The right fixtures at the most effective cost and schedule, consolidating your orders to make execution as simple and painless as possible. A retail environment and fixtures that are appealing and practical. The highest quality of fixtures made from a single or combination of materials such as metal, wood, plastic, glass or wire

Custom Office Cabinets

We specialize in office cabinetry that is built around desks to make your office a more warm, inviting and pleasant space to work in. Our office cabinetry offers you an affordable and customizable solution that creates more storage and floor space, allowing you to be better organized and more productive.